Furka Pass (2436m)

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North side
Suisse Realp (1550m) Furka pass (2436m)
12,5 km
7,1 %

1h 02mn 40s
12 km/h


Start (eastern side): Realp (1550m).


Like its neighbors, the Nufenen pass and the Saint-Gotthard, the Furka pass is very scenic. It is one of the highest passes in Switzerland, and its western side is beside the famous Rhone glacier.
The climb starts immediately with the hardest slopes, and a number of hairpin turns. The road is very wide and perfectly surfaced, as ususal in Switzerland. Throughout the climb, we can see either the village of Realp and the set of loops we have already done, or the long valley going steeply to the top of the pass. Close to a one or two houses that can be seen from Realp, starts the second part of the climb with a much more straightforward road, but also less steep. The road continues to Tiefenbach and further, with mountains torrents and very nice view over Alps glaciers. Two last turns announce the end of the climb, and the pass appears after a last half-kilometer nearly flat.
A very nice objective is the loop Nufenen-Gotthard-Furka, which is about 100km long.

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Realp, start of the eastern side
The top
Realp station
Realp's church

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