Nufenen Pass(2478m)

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Western side
Suisse Ulrichen (1346m) Nufenen Pass (2478m)
14 km
8,1 %

1h 09mn 15s
12,1 km/h
1h 08mn 10s
12,3 km/h
1h 10mn 30s
11,9 km/h

Nufenen pass

View of the western valley of Nufenen pass

Start (western side): Ulrichen (1346m).


From Ulrichen, the road is flat the first 800m; then the slope reaches quickly 9%. The road is very wide, with some hairpins.
After about 3km, the slope becomes easier (there are even some parts descending) and the road is much more straight, no more turns. The slope becomes harder (8%) till crossing a bridge on the river; we are now on the right bank. From now, the conjunction of a hard slope (9-10%) and some very long piece of straight road is very killing. The valley becomes narrow and narrow, and we can see nearly all the remaining road to the top: a concentrate of hairpins which can be seen if your head can be raised high enough !
When riding it , you get the confirmation: the last part is a sequence of hairpins,, sometimes very near from each other (see photos - seen from the valley, it makes fear). The slope in the last turn seems very steep; the top is just behind.

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The village of Ulrichen

Some (bad) photos of the western side...

Nufenen pass
Nufenen pass
Nufenen pass
Nufenen pass
Nufenen pass
Nufenen pass

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