Saint-Gotthard Pass (2108m)

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Southern side
Suisse Airolo (1178m) Saint-Gotthard Pass (2108m)
14,2 km
6,5 %

1h 08mn 40s
12,4 km/h
1h 03mn 15s
13,5 km/h

Saint-Gotthard Pass

Tangled roads on the southern side of the Saint-Gotthard.

Start (southern side): Airolo (1178m).


There are two roads leading to the top: the old one, pink paved traverses the Val Tremola; the other one is modern, wide and perfectly surfaced. The path more direct, with a long tunnel just before the top.
From Airolo, only the old route is authorized for bicycles. The slope is reasonnably soft, and the difficult is to ride the shaking paving stones of the road (eventhough, it is not as worse as Paris-Roubaix !).
After a few kilometers, the new road is accessible for bikes to avoid continuing on paving stones (see picture above). Unfortunately, the modern road is not protected from wind, and it is so wide that climbing is made very difficult while the slope is not terrific. Finally comes the tunnel where there is no wind but not so much light either. At the end of the tunnel, the road is just roofed with right side open to the Val Tremola. The top is a few meters ahead.
It is clearly not the most pleasant climb in the Alps...

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The village of Airolo.

Some pictures...

Saint-Gotthard Pass
Saint-Gotthard Pass
Saint-Gotthard Pass
Saint-Gotthard Pass
Saint-Gotthard Pass
Saint-Gotthard Pass

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