Col de l'Iseran (2770m)

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Southern side
France Lanslebourg (1390m) Col de l'Iseran (2770m)
32,5 km
4,2 %

2h 04mn
15,7 km/h

Start (southern side): Lanslebourg (1390m).


The first kilometers lead to Lanslevillard, the starting point of a small Madeleine pass. After the short climb, the road is quite long to reach Bonneval-sur-Arc without major difficulties, with long straight parts, slight climbs and descents. From Bonneval, the profile changes dramatically. In a left turn, the slope increases terribly (10%) and the distance to the next back-loop seems infinite. After a second turn, the slope gets more soft for a time, but gets harder a few later. Here again, the slope is over 10%. After a small tunnel and a bridge comes the last part of the climb: a long hill-road at 9-10%, a left turn, and the last hundred meters before the sumit. A terribly long climb.

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