Accepted papers to PN 2015

Accepted papers by order of submission:

  • Franck Pommereau. SNAKES, a flexible high-level Petri nets library
  • Wil van der Aalst, Anna Kalenkova, Eric Verbeek and Vladimir Rubin. Process Discovery Using Localized Events
  • Mohammed Alqarni and Ryszard Janicki. On Interval Process Semantics of Petri Nets with Inhibitor Arcs
  • Hubert Garavel. Nested-Unit Petri Nets: A Structural Means to Increase Efficiency and Scalability of Verification on Elementary Nets
  • Loic Helouet, Eric Badouel and Christophe Morvan. Petri nets with semi-structured data
  • Marvin Triebel and Jan Sürmeli. Characterizing stable inequalities of Petri nets
  • Thomas Chatain, Stefan Haar, Maciej Koutny and Stefan Schwoon. Non-Atomic Transition Firing in Contextual Nets
  • Nicolas David, Claude Jard, Didier Lime and Olivier Roux. Discrete Parameters in Petri Nets
  • András Vörös, Ákos Hajdu and Tamas Bartha. New search strategies for the Petri net CEGAR approach
  • Thomas Hujsa, Jean-Marc Delosme and Alix Munier Kordon. On the Reversibility of Live Equal-Conflict Petri Nets
  • Thomas Wagner and Daniel Moldt. Workflow Management Principles for Interactions between Petri Net-based Agents
  • Dario Bruneo, Francesco Longo, Marco Scarpa, Antonio Puliafito, Rahul Ghosh and Kishor Trivedi. An SRN-based Resiliency Quantification Approach
  • Monika Heiner, Martin Schwarick and Jan-Thierry Wegener. Charlie – an extensible Petri net analysis tool
  • Javier Esparza and Jörg Desel. Negotiation Programs

Accepted papers to ACSD 2015

  • Tobias Isenberg. Incremental Inductive Verification of Parameterized Timed Systems
  • Antti Valmari. Stop It, and Be Stubborn!
  • Ala Eddine Ben Salem and Mohamed Graiet. Combining Explicit and Symbolic LTL Model Checking Using Generalized Testing Automata
  • Antti Tapani Siirtola, Stavros Tripakis and Keijo Heljanko. When Do We (Not) Need Complex Assume-Guarantee Rules?
  • Hernan Ponce-De-Leon, Olli Saarikivi, Kari Kähkönen, Keijo Heljanko and Javier Esparza. Unfolding based Minimal Test Suites for Testing Multithreaded Programs
  • Edmundo López Bóbeda, Maximilien Colange and Didier Buchs. Building a Symbolic Model Checker from Formal Language Description
  • Ferenc Bujtor and Walter Vogler. Testing Preorders for dMTS: Deadlock- and the New Deadlock-/Divergence-Testing
  • Stefan Vijzelaar and Wan Fokkink. Multi-Valued Abstraction Using Lattice Operations
  • Loic Helouet, Beatrice Berard and John Mullins. Non-interference in partial order models
  • Qi Tang, Twan Basten, Marc Geilen, Sander Stuijk and Ji-Bo Wei. Task-FIFO Co-Scheduling of Streaming Applications on MPSoCs with Predictable Memory Hierarchy
  • Alessandro de Gennaro, Paulius Stankaitis and Andrey Mokhov. A Heuristic Algorithm for Deriving Compact Models of Processor Instruction Sets
  • Ashur Rafiev, Fei Xia, Alexei Iliasov, Rem Gensh, Ali Aalsaud, Alexander Romanovsky and Alex Yakovlev. Order Graphs and Cross-layer Parametric Significance-driven Modelling
  • Étienne André, Thomas Chatain and César Rodríguez. Preserving Partial Order Runs in Parametric Time Petri Nets
  • Hanifa Boucheneb and Kamel Barkaoui. Strongly generalized soundness of Time Workflow Nets
  • Jaime Arias, Myriam Desainte-Catherine and Camilo Rueda. A Framework for Composition, Verification and Real-Time Performance of Multimedia Interactive Scenarios

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