Seminars for 2010-2011

The "Centre Fédéré en Vérification" (CFV) oganizes monthly seminars on computer-aided verification.

  • Program: Click here to have a look at the program. You can also see the list of the past seminars.
  • Location: The seminars take place at the campus "Plaine" of the Université Libre de Bruxelles. Click here to know how to reach the university (Campus de la plaine). Please refer to the individual seminar announcements for the exact location (building and classroom). It changes from time to time...
  • Time schedule: The usual time schedule for our seminars is as follows:
    14h00 - 15h30 Invited lecture
    15h30 - 16h00 Coffee break
    16h00 - 16h30 Lecture by a CFV partner
    16h30 Discussion
  • Coordinator: The coordinator of the CFV seminars is Véronique Bruyère
  • Registration: People interested by the seminars and other CFV activities are kindly invited to register, simply by sending a mail to Nicolas Maquet (nmaquet [at] Informations concerning the CFV seminars will be sent to the originating adresses of the requests.

Upcoming Seminars

February 11th 2011

At 14:00 Invited talk: Monotonic Approximations in Parameterized Verification

  • Speaker: Giorgio Delzanno, DISI, Università di Genova
  • Abstract: In the talk I will present a series of abstractions that can be used to obtain approximated verification algorithms for parameterized systems with global conditions and different types of topology (ordered/unordered arrays, trees, graphs). The verification algorithms perform a symbolic exploration of a possibly infinite-state space and exploit the theory of well-quasi orderings for ensuring the theoretical termination of the analysis. The presentation is based on joint work with Parosh Abdulla and Ahmed Rezine.

Past Seminars

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