Emmanuel Filiot

Ph.D., INRIA Lille, 2008.

FNRS Research Associate ("Chercheur Qualifié")
Computer Science
Université Libre de Bruxelles

Département d'Informatique
ULB - Campus de la Plaine
CP 212 - 1050 Bruxelles Belgium

Building: NO, Floor: 8, Office: 2. N.8. 111
Phone: +32 (0) 2 650 58 27
Fax: +32 (0) 2 650 56 09
Email: efiliot at ulb.ac.be

Scientific Events

  • Co-chair of the conference RP 2019 (reachability problems). Submit you contribution !
  • PC member of LICS 2020
  • PC member of RP 2018
    • Co-organiser of Dagstuhl seminar 17142 on Formal Methods of Transformations, 2017.
    • PC member of DLT 2017
    • PC member of Highlights of Logics, Automata and Games, 2017
    • PC member of Strategic Reasoning 2017
    • PC member of TTATT 2016
    • PC member of CSL 2016
    • Co-organizer of Highlights of Automata, Logics, and Games, 6-9 September, 2016, Brussels
    • Organizer of Trends in Tree Automata and Tree Transducers (TTATT)
    • PC Member of TTATT 2013

    • Research Interests

    • Game theory and synthesis
    • Logics and automata for (in)finite words and trees
    • Word and tree transformations
    • XML and relational databases

    • Research Projects

    • 2019-2020. FNRS MIS Project SYNAPSE. Synthesis of Data-Processing Systems. PI.
    • 2016-2018. FNRS CDR Project Flare. A Shift from Languages to Relations. PI.
    • 2015-2018. ARC Project TRANSFORM. Theoretical Foundations of Transformations. PI.
    • 2014-2018. ANR Project ExStream. Extensions of Stream Processing. Partner.

    • Master, PhD Students and PostDoc

      At Highlights 2017, from left to right (Ismaël Jecker, Nicolas Mazzocchi, Léo Exibard, Emmanuel Filiot, Nathan Lhote, Luc Dartois)


    • Nicolas Mazzocchi (Master in CS), PhD, co-supervised with Jean-François Raskin. Start: Oct 2016.
      Subject: Decidable formalisms for quantitative verification. Funded by FRIA.
    • Léo Exibard (Master in CS), PhD, co-supervised with Pierre-Alain Reynier. Start: Sept 2017.
      Subject:Synthesis of data-processing systems.
    • Nathan LhotePhd 2015-2018. Now PostDoc in Warsaw University with M. Bojanczyk.
    • Luc Dartois Now Assistant Professor at Université Paris-Est (Fontainebleau)
    • Former

    • Ismaël Jecker (Master in Mathematics), PhD. 2015-2019.
      Subject: theory of regular transformations. Funded by FNRS. Now PostDoc at IST Austria with K. Chatterjee
    • Nathan Lhote (Master in CS), PhD, Start: Sept 2015. Ended in Oct 2018. Co-supervised with O. Gauwin (Labri) and A. Muscholl (Labri). Funded by French ANR project EXTSTREAM. Now PostDoc in Warsaw University with M. Bojanczyk.
      Subject:Algebraic characterizations of transductions.
    • Luc Dartois (PhD at LIAFA, Paris 7), PostDoc 2015-2018. Funded by ARC Project TRANSFORM. Now Assistant Professor (MCF) at Université Paris-Est (Fontainebleau)
    • Rodica Bozianu (Master in CS, MPRI, Paris), PhD, ULB/Paris 12, co-supervised with Catalin Dima. 2013-2016.
      Subject: synthesis from epistemic specifications.

    • Publications (see also my DBLP)

      International Conferences

      Teaching / Enseignement