Porte Pass (1326m)

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2 climbs

Southern side
France La Tronche (Grenoble) (225m) Col de Porte (1326m)
15 km
7,3 %

1h 08mn 15s
13,2 km/h

Northern side
France La Diat (795m) Col de Porte (1326m)
8,3 km
6,4 %

33mn 30s
14,9 km/h

Start (southenr side): La Tronche (Grenoble) (225m).


The climb is immediately quite steep with passag ethrough several villages, a.o. Corenc. The hill-road continues in a hot atmosphere when the sun shines, and we reach a first step at Col de Vence. Then, the climb goes smoother, with less traffic and more reasonnable slope. Some part are steepr but generally quite short. The roas passes by the village of Sappey-en-Chartreuse before going through the forest up to the top.

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Start (northern side): La Diat (795m).


The first kilometer is nearly flat, and the climbs then starts really with an almost constant slope. Quickly, the forest comes to protect from the sun, but the road no always very well surfaced The last meters are straight and that allows to check if you accelerate in climbing for the final sprint !

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