Pas de Morgins (1369m)

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1 climb

Eastern side
Suisse Monthey (424m) Pas de Morgins (1369m)
15,6 km
6,1 %

1h 7mn 40s
13,8 km/h

Start (eastern side): Monthey (424m).


The climb starts immediately with a god slope (6-7%) and two beautiful hairpin turns. The the road joins a new ring road from Monthey, with priority to the main road. The climb continues smoothly up to a right turn that leaves the road to Champéry (via Troistorrents). The railway passes above the road and this is the beginning of nice part with 5 loop-turns and still a very regular slope. A lot of houses along the road which is not common in a pass.
Then, the road goes through a dense forest, with some harder parts. When leaving the wood, the slope is easier and it is nearly flat to the village of Morgins. The slope gets harder in a right turn, and the french border is not far when leaving Morgins. We enter Francs (don't forget your passport !) and the summit is reached after a slight descent. Nice blue lake at the top.

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