The climb to Mattmark (2197m)

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Suisse Saas-Almagell (1673m) Mattmark See (2197m)
7,3 km
7,2 %

12,9 km/h
32mn 45s
13,4 km/h
13,7 km/h
31mn 10s
14,1 km/h
32mn 24s
13,5 km/h

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Start: Saas-Almagell (1673m).


It starts softly with a not very steep road (4-5%). It is very funny to ride here with the light shadowed by the trees along the road. Then, the slope becomes steeper, and the first hairpins appear. After riding 1.5 km at 10%, the slope becomes lighter again (enjoy, it's short !). The final 2 km are then killing with a slope at 10% average. The final straight line, in front of the Mattmark lake (see photo) seems never finish.
With the wind and the heat on the second part of the climb, there is a similar effect as in the Mont Ventoux: the climatic conditions can change roughly from the start to the top.
This climb is quite surprising: you begin easily and you finish on the knees. Your efforts should well be proportioned because even when you know it, you try to give too much on the easy part, paying it on the end.

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