Hour Record

  • Absolute record (classic bicycle): Ondrej Sosenka, July 19th 2005
    on the track of Moscow, 49,700 km.
  • Best performance in one hour ("free" bicycle): Chris Boardman,
    6th September 1996 on the track of Manchester, 56,375 km.
Notice that the Absolute Record beats Merckx'one only for 269 meters,
but more than 30 years later ! More info on:

My hour record

Date Place Distance
10/03/2004 Track of Rochefort 33,840 km
05/20/2004 Track of Rochefort 31,830 km
04/06/2003 Track of Rochefort 31,560 km
? Brussels, Boulevard du Souverain >30 km
? Brussels, Parc de Woluwť >29 km
? Brussels, Parc de Woluwť ? km

Note that the very first History's hour record has been established by Henri Desgranges,
the creator of the world-famous Tour de France in 1893. He had ridden 35,325 km.

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Last update: October 15th 2005.