Galibier Pass(2645m)

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5 climbs

Southern side
France Briançon (1220m) Col du Lautaret (2057m)
27 km
3,1 %
Col du Galibier (2645m)
37,5 km
3,8 %

1h 20 mn
20,3 km/h
2h (1)
18,8 km/h
1h 18mn
20,8 km/h
1h 55mn
19,6 km/h
1h 20mn
20,3 km/h
1h 59mn
18,8 km/h
(1) Not included: stop at Col du Lautaret.

Northern side
France Saint-Michel-de-Maurienne (718m) Col du Télégraphe (1566m)
12 km
7,1 %
Col du Galibier (2645m)
33,1 km
5,8 %

51mn 30s
14 km/h
2h 27mn(2)
13,5 km/h
13,8 km/h
2h 25mn 30s(2)
13,6 km/h
(2) Not included: stop at Col du Télégraphe.

Galibier: The summit

Top of the Galibier

Start (southern side): Briançon (1220m).

Road (southern side):

The start of the climb is not really at Briançon but rather at Monêtiers-les-Bains. Up to there, the road is not far from flatness or even sometimes descending. The slope keeps light (4 %) up to 2km from top of the Lautaret (2057m). From there, the last 10km can kill with some very hard sections (especially the very last hectometers). A wonderful sight is offered to you when reaching the top at 2645m above sea level. This side is quite easier than the northern one.

Profile (south): Click here

Galibier Pass

The first hairpins above Plan Lachat (Source: Grenoble Cycling pages)

Start (northern side): Saint-Michel-de-Maurienne (718m).

Road (northern side):

First you will have to climb to the Télégraphe Pass (1566m) which is not an impossible challenge, but you will remenber it when pain will come up in the final climb. After a short descent down to Valloire, the road is quite straightforward, following the river. That part seems never finish, until Plan Lachat (1960m) is reached. At that place, the difficulties are just starting. The slope approaches dangerously 9-10% and some places are more than 12% steep. This entire pass is one of the hardest in France because of its length as well as of the terrible percentages throughout the climb.

Profile (north): Click to enlarge

Galibier Pass

View from the top (to the north) (Source: Grenoble Cycling pages)

Some pictures...

Galibier pass
Galibier pass
Galibier pass
Northern side
Crossing near the tunnel
The top seen from the
table map
Galibier pass
Galibier pass
Galibier pass
Southern side
Northern side
Zoom northern side

The turns of the northern side...

Col du Galibier - Nord
Col du Galibier - Nord
Col du Galibier - Nord
Turn of Plan Lachat
1st turn after Plan Lachat
2nd turn after Plan Lachat
Col du Galibier - Nord
Col du Galibier - Nord
Col du Galibier - Nord
The turns from...
...above Plan Lachat
The top straightforward
Col du Galibier - Nord
Col du Galibier - Nord
Tunnel's turn
Last turn

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