Chaussy Pass (1533m)

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2 climbs

France Pontamafrey (502m) Col du Chaussy (1533m)
13,8 km
7,5 %

1h 6mn
12,5 km/h
1h 3mn 10s
13,1 km/h

Hairpins of Montvernier

The 17 hairpins of Montvernier

Start: Pontamafrey (502m) (near Saint-Jean-de-Maurienne).


it begins with the spectacular hairpins of Montvernier (4km). The road is hanged on the moutain 17 turns are literally built one upon the other. After this impressive beginning, the road continues with quite regular slope (7-8 %) passing through the villages of le Noirey, Montbrunal et Montpascal. At many places, the scenery (view of the Maurienne's valley) is beautiful. Not very well-knwon, this pass is not so easy even if its famous neighbors (Madeleine, Glandon) are out of the comparison.
Ths southern side is entirely paved (sometimes the road is a bit narrow). On the other hand, there is a dusty track section (150m) on the northern side's road and the last kilometers before the summit are badly surfaced. Descending through this side needs to be careful until you reach the road from the col de la Madeleine.

Map: Chaussy Pass

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Col du Chaussy
Col du Chaussy
Col du Chaussy
The hairpins of Montvernier
The top
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