The climb to Arolla (2006m)

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Switzerland Sion (499m) Arolla (2006m)
37,2 km
4,1 %

2h 17mn 20s
16,3 km/h

Start: Sion (499m).


The climb starts immediately with a 6-7% slope, on a wide and well-surfaced road, up to the village of Vex. Then, the road is nearly flat for long time, beyond Euseigne and its world-famous pyramids. This explains in part the low average slope of the climb. The road crosses the river and there the slope starts again harder, to the village of Evolène. Then, the next village (Les Haudères) is reached without much difficulty. From there, the road is not so wide and it is sometimes poorly-surfaced. Nevertheless, the slope is quite hard (9-10%) over 4 or 5 kilometers. The road continues far in the valley, before a last right turn leading to Arolla.

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