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Formal Methods and Verification

The formal methods and verification group is one of the research groups of the Computer Science department at ULB's Science Faculty, and is lead by Thierry Massart and Jean-François Raskin. The team's research and teaching activities deal with rigorous methods that allow to design reliable computer systems. The latter are usually applied in the context of critical systems, such as embedded systems in transportation (e.g., trains, planes, cars), and plant's control systems.

The group has acquired an internationally acclaimed expertise, underpinned by numerous collaborations, and international research projects.



Principal Research Areas


Visit the website of the Centre Fédéré en Vérification for an up-to-date list of the group's publications. Alternatively, we refer to the individual pages of the members of the group.


The group has developed a variety of computer-aided verification tools, e.g., for antichain-based approaches or well-structured transition systems. See the dedicated tool page for more details.


Please refer to the seminar's page for a detailed schedule.


The group maintains a wide range of collaborations with other research groups in Belgium and abroad. It is also founding member of the Centre Fédéré en Vérification, a virtual center that regroups all the teams interested in computer-aided verification of (French-speaking) Belgium.

Currently, we are collaborating regularly with:


Further, the group is a partner in the following international and national projects:


Members of the group also actively teaching formal methods as part of the program Master in Computer Science, and Master in Computer Engineering at the ULB.

Traditionally, the group offers the following courses:

In this context, the group proposes topics for master's thesis (for the students at ULB only) and internships. We are also always happy to welcome highly motivated graduate and PhD students for short or long term internships. Do not hesitate to contact G. Geeraerts, T. Massart, or J.F. Raskin.


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