author =       {Geeraerts, Gilles and Van begin, Laurent},
  title =        {{C}oncurrent {B}oolean {P}rograms },
  institution =  {ULB},
  year =         {2003},
  number =       {???},
  abstract =     { In this work, we present a formal language called Concurrent Boolean Programs (CBP for short). The major aim of this language is to
     describe abstractions of programs written in various widely-used multi-threaded programming languages (in particular: Java, C with POSIX
     threads, and Ada). Therefore, the language allows one to make use of different communications primitives such as broadcasts,
     sleeps and (asynchronous) rendez-vous. It can be seen as a multi-threaded extension of Rajamani's Boolean Programs.},
  postscript =   {http://www.ulb.ac.be/di/ssd/ggeeraer/papers/ConcurrentBooleanPrograms.ps},