Embedded Systems Design

Academic year 2010-2011

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Course description

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Slides and support

Slides used during the lectures and practical handouts will be available here.
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UPDATE: the list of teams is available.

Students have to realise a project to prove their command of the techniques and concepts studied during the course, and to prove that they have acquired the expected learning outcomes.

Some examples of students projects (in 2008-2009) are shown in a video hereunder. These examples are:

  • A luggage sorting system: as in an airport, several (in this case, two) belts carry the luggage to the main belt, that has to sort them according to their colors (used to simulate the destination tag). Black luggage have to be sent to one end of the main belt, and white luggage to the other end. In on of these projects, a complete formal model has been realised under Scade, which has allowed the students to generate the code automatically (this code is thus correct by construction).
  • Lego machine to solve sokoban: that uses the Uppaal model-checker to generate the solutions (the code inside the lego brick is automatically generated from the output of the model-checker, making it correct by construction).
  • Pic-Man: A pac-man game implemented on a PIC microcontroler.
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    Here are more projects (2010):

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    Practical details:

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